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Let Us Focus On Your Bond Compliance Requirements So You Can Focus On Your Business

Choice Research was founded to help borrowers, issuers and trustees comply with continuing disclosure requirements related to SEC Rule 15c2-12. It is owned and staffed by Registered Municipal Advisors and former buy-side investors.

By teaming with Choice Research you can focus on the day to day operations of your organization while we monitor your bond compliance requirements.

Choice Research has the ability to identify, determine and provide a scheduling tool for your reporting requirements.

Our Services

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Full Continuing Disclosure Plan

Services included but not limited to:

  • Reviewing your disclosure documents
  • Posting required bond documents to EMMA
  • Scheduling and hosting required conference calls
  • Sending reminders so information is disseminated on time
  • Acting as an intermediary between bond holders and borrowers

Conference Call Disclosure Plan

Services include but not limited to:

  • Setting up required conference calls
  • Preparing conference call notice for participants and getting it posted to EMMA
  • Assisting in putting together an agenda for the call
  • Moderating calls and hosting a question and answer forum
  • Providing playback of call upon completion

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